How to Sign up on LINE browser? – TOUKU


Step 1

1. To create an account, first install LINE on your device.

2. After installing LINE, Click the “Sign up” button for registration on LINE.

Step 2

1. Select your country from the dropdown box.

2. Type phone number in “Phone number” field.

3. Tap the “Arrow” button to move next.

4.  Enter the verification code sent by message to the phone number you entered. Then click Next.

5. Select “No, create a new account” for registration.

Step 3

1. Enter your name in “What’s your name?” field.

2. Add your desired profile picture from the gallery or by opening the camera.

3. Click on the “Arrow” button to move next.

Step 4

1. Please enter the password with at least 8 digits of half-alphanumeric characters for your account and click the “Next” button.

2. Enter your Password twice and click Next.

3. After entering the password, turn Allow others to Add ON or OFF, and click done.

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